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"Best A Cappella Singing in the U.S.A.!"

About The Choir

The Late Show's Gospel Choir was formed in October '95, when Jill Leiderman, a Production Assistant on CBS TV'S popular "LATE SHOW," called Lady Peachena asking her to form a choir for a video for the show within 24 hours. The newly-assembled choir sounded so great in the studio that Paul Shaffer, the Music Director for "THE LATE SHOW," asked them to perform live on the show. It was an awesome extravaganza! Since then this fantastic choir has performed on "THE LATE SHOW," more than 13 times. They have been featured in several comedy skits and they've backed such celebrities as Martin Shore, Steve Martin, Gloria Estefan, Darlene Love, Julio Iglesias, and Canada's new pop sensation, Shawn Mendes.

Yes, The Late Show's Gospel Choir sings for all occasions: marriage proposals, weddings, parties, corporate functions, sales meetings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, concerts, church programs, etc.

For bookings fill out our Custom Form on our Contact Page, or email Lady Peachena : [email protected]